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Welcome to the Northern Viking Jewelry® webshop. 

The Finnish Northern Viking Jewelry® brand was born out of our love for Viking culture and history. Jewelry was part of Viking culture, in which artisans such as silversmiths and tanners were highly esteemed. Jewelry was used to signal affluence and courage, as well as to honour mythical traditions and characters and bring them to life. Both men and women used jewelry: pendants were seen on the chests of warriors at sea and the people left behind in the home village. Now you too can become part of this mythical past – with a modern touch! Our selection includes pieces such as the legendary Thor‘s Hammer, Valknut, Vegvisir and a range of beard jewelry. Our theme also covers the traditions of Finnish folk religion. Our jewelry captures the spirit of powerful animals such as the bear and the wolf! In addition, our selection includes the Finnish counterpart to Thor’s Hammer: the supremely powerful Ukko’s Hammer.






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