Northern Viking Jewelry® Pendant "Flying Raven"

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Northern Viking Jewelry® Pendant "Flying Raven"

The Ravens of Odin: His faithful horse Sleipnir is sleeping. The horse’s eight legs are pointing in different directions. The god himself is also asleep on his throne, peaceful as a child. Odin. As the day passes and the shadows of the clouds flow towards the dark through the halls of the realm, Odin suddenly opens his only eye. He hears them. The echoes of the wingbeats louden, like avalanches beneath Asgard’s starry sky. Odin clutches his jewelry and feels their presence in his heart: Hugin and Munin, thought and memory, his senses deep in the workshops of the sprites of darkness and high in the clear distances of the giants. Like gusts of wind, the ravens burst in through the large windows of the throne room, settle on the shoulders of their master and whisper in his ears. Odin seals the knowledge by kissing his jewelry. He is smiling. He knows.

- Height: 5,5 cm 
- Width: 3,9 cm
- Weight: 35 g
- Material: Stainless Steel

- Northern Viking Jewelry® Gift Pouch

Stainless Steel Chain:
- Lenght: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm or 70 cm
- Width: 3 mm
- Material: Stainless Steel

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