Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Helm Of Awe-Pendant

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Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Helm Of Awe-Pendant

Helm of Awe:
When fog surrounds the ship, the warriors stop singing and the dice are left to roll under the boards. They glance at the watchman, whose gaze is fixed on a shadow approaching from the fog. The shadow pierces the fog and reveals itself to be a ship. “Grab your weapons,” the watchman cries. The warriors don their helmets and draw out their swords, raising them before lowering them almost immediately. “Curses, the ship is empty!” the warlord bellows. They leave their swords in their scabbards and rise to rob the ghost ship. The chief goes below deck, where he finds an open chest containing spices. As the chief kneels to smell the intoxicating stash, he hears shouting from the deck. At the same moment, the lid of the chest slams shut. The chief stands and brandishes his sword against the darkness. There is nobody to be seen, but he senses that someone is looking at him. The floorboards are creaking closer and closer to him. The chief has time to whisper “Helm of Awe...” before a familiar sign painted on the shield of the approaching warrior appears from nowhere.

- Height: 2,8 cm 
- Width: 2,8 cm
- Weight: 10 g
- Material: 925 Silver

- Northern Viking Jewelry® Gift Pouch

Silver Chain:
- Lenght: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm
- Width: 3,5 mm
- Material: 925 Silver


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