Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Vegvisir Thor's Hammer

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Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Vegvisir Thor's Hammer

Thor’s Hammer:
The warship is waiting. The warrior king and his men sit in a half-circle around the blind storyteller of the village. The king takes Thor’s pendant from around his neck and hands it to the bard. “Tell us about the struggle of Thor, son of Odin, so as to fill my men’s hearts with courage,” the king says. The storyteller takes the pendant and closes his eyes. “I see everything again and shall tell it as it happened.” “Thor, son of Odin, sailed these seas with his men. Their ship reached the open sea, and the waves were as high as a stone circle. A sudden calm fell upon the skies and waves. The sea was like newly blown glass. Then everything began boiling. The sun darkened, and from the depths of the sea rose Midgårdsormen, a great snake that coiled its enormous body around the ship. The men grabbed their swords without fear. But the most fearless of all was Thor, who laid hold of his hammer Mjölner. Thor bellowed powerful words. Suddenly, the sky darkened but was lit up by lightning bolts everywhere at once. Thor was now in possession of all the powers of the sky and storm. He used the power of the thunder to defeat the snake, making armour for his men from its skin. Thor’s power lies in this pendant. Wear it proudly and without fear.”

A ship decorated with runes is waiting in the cove. The sun has coloured the water’s surface orange. The smell of sweat and tar is in the air and beer is swishing in skins moistened by the spray. The village goldsmith has been working hard again in his dark workshop. When a boisterous bunch of Viking warriors comes on board, the smith hands them a Vegvisir, a rune compass. “If the stars and the shoals of fish lead you astray, Vegvisir will guide you through storms and snares. Even in the midst of a fog, it will know your destination,” he says.

- Height: 4,5 cm 
- Width: 3,7 cm
- Weight: 18 g
- Material: 925 Silver

- Northern Viking Jewelry® Gift Pouch

Silver Chain:
- Lenght: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm 
- Width: 3,5 mm
- Material: 925 Silver


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