Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Wolfcross Pendant

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Northern Viking Jewelry® 925-Silver Wolfcross Pendant

Wolf Cross:
“We have lost our way,” the warlord says, looking in all four directions of the compass. “The sun is rising, and we won’t be able to read the stellar map for a whole day,” he continues. He then clutches the piece of jewelry, forged by the village smith, which is hanging on his chest. “Bring the stone,” the warlord orders. The men open an ox-skin scroll, in which a bright emerald-coloured stone is hidden. The men bring the stone to their captain, who lifts the pendant towards the sun and places the stone in its centre. The sun’s rays strike the stone and project a blazing path onto the sea’s surface. “In the name of Bluetooth, whether you are Odin or a child of the Christian god, or both: this is the direction we must take,” the captain says. He smiles and nods at the oarsmen.

- Height: 5,1 cm 
- Width: 2,7 cm
- Weight: 16 g
- Material: 925 Silver

- Northern Viking Jewelry® Gift Pouch

Silver Chain:
- Lenght: 45 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm, 60 cm
- Width: 3,5 mm
- Material: 925 Silver


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